Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Push select to answer the Codec call.

Taking a break from lectures, rants, and warnings about the dangers of cigarette smoke, this incoming codec call addresses current news in gaming. Listen up, Snake.

The Nintendo DS has become the greatest selling handheld of all time across North America, beating out the previous title holder, the Gameboy.

Fifa '11 finishes at the top of the charts in the UK. I'm sure that soccer hooligans everywhere are pleased.

Nintendo 3DS confirmed for March release.

While we're mentioning the 3DS, rumor has it that a 3DS was stolen from a factory in China, and images and video have been leaked across the internet.

Ubisoft realizes that not everyone has a constant internet connection, and revoked the DRM requirements for playing their games. Finally.

A third party analog stick has been made for the iPad. The suction cups stick to the screen, so you don't scratch the hell out of your expensive supersize iPod. Perhaps this is the half-a-reason-to-purchase gamers have been asking for?

And for those of you who think that Nintendo isn't a marketing, gimmicky, sales machine, DS and Wii set the 2010 U.S. sales records. Looks like the Gamecube is still the only thing Nintendo made that EVERYONE DIDN'T BUY.

That's all for now Snake. Stay sharp, and remember you're our only hope for stopping Metal Gear.

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