Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Up Up, Down Down, Left Right Left Right, B A Select Start

Some kid Me, circa 1989
I've been gaming for as long as I can remember. My parents had a computer for me to play on, and when I was 5, I got my first SNES. Gaming is a passion. Video games are an interactive media, providing countless scenarios that appeal to a wide audience. Video games allow me to be a master strategist, an epic hero, and in some cases, even a dread villain. I'm an Italian plumber, a speed-addicted hedgehog, a spartan soldier. I'm good at them, too. I've made the high scores, unlocked the achievements, seen the credits, and revealed the hidden characters.

But what does this mean to you?

You want to know about a game? I'm your man. We can sit down and have a little chat here. You want to know what's happening in gaming? I can tell you all about that. I'm the informed friend with strong opinions. The gaming industry is getting larger, gone is the heyday of the 90's where only people who were truly interested cared. Nowadays, we've got people who are making shitty games for dumb people. They try as hard as they can to make something look like it's worth your time and money. I'm not going to fall for it, and neither are you. After all, you're here, reading this blog. Let's both make sure that we're at the top of our game, informed and experienced. Our money is valuable, and we're not going to piss it away supporting companies that are making bank turning out half-assed material. Let's support quality.

So why don't we brew up some coffee, sit down, and have a little chat?

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